Qinteq’s RF energy harvesting technology provides high efficiency solutions for wireless powering of energy autonomous sensors


QINTEQ offers fully operational devices for wireless, battery-free sensor operations. Our off-the-shelf product range is ready for deployment and currently includes PWT power transmitters, DTR data transceivers and AST autonomous sensor tags. It covers a wide spectrum of industrial applications.

Data transceiver DTR-868

The DTR data transceiver enables bi-directional data communication with AST sensor tags as well as one or more DTR-868 transceivers using an 868 MHz carrier wave. The DTR transceiver comes with embedded web server and control software permitting identification of sensors, setting-up interrogation modes and sending commands to the sensors.

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Power transmitter PWT-04

The PWT-04 microwave transmitter wirelessly powers one or more remote devices, such as the WPH power harvesters or AST sensor tags, using a continuous wave in the 2.45 GHz frequency band. The output power is adjustable, from 0.5 to 4 W, using the control software.

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The AST family of sensor tags allows wireless measurements to be taken by sensors from remote locations. Sensors are powered by microwave energy, harvested from a dedicated RF power source and need no batteries or other consumables. The AST-01 sensor tags could be used in continuous or pulsed modes, depending on the application and working distances. In continuous mode the sensor connected to the tag has enough energy to perform measurement and send/receive data in any time. In pulsed mode the sensor measures and (only) sends data when the tag’s capacitor is fully charged.

Generic Tag AST-01-GEN

The AST-01-GEN sensor tag could be used to interface various custom industrial analogue and digital micro-sensors. It offers up to 10V regulated voltage and 2x 0-10V analogue, 1x SPI and 1x I2C inputs.

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Multi Sensor Tag AST-01-MS

The AST-01-MS sensor tag features built-in sensors for humidity, pressure, acceleration, light presence and magnetic field strength. It covers a wide spectrum of industrial applications.

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Quarter-Bridge Strain Gauge Tag AST-01-STR14

The AST-01-STR14 sensor tag is designed for use with quarter-bridge strain gauge sensors. The device offers offset compensation, gain control and calibration.

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Full-Bridge Strain Gauge Tag AST-01-STR10

The AST-01-STR10 sensor tag is designed for use with full-bridge strain gauge sensors. The device offers gauge offset, gain control and calibration. A thermistor type temperature sensor can be connected in parallel.

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